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A hundred highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek , NL

Eine Auswahl der 100 besten Miniaturen, geordnet nach Maler und Zeit.
Just like the version of the Highlights published in book form, the digital Highlights can be browsed and provide an extensive introduction and index. Moreover, the electronic presentation offers you the opportunity of joining a number of selected guided tours. If you are interested in the ways the library's treasures on paper or parchment were made, there are tours, for instance, of miniatures in medieval manuscripts, modern typography, bookbindings and paper making. For those interested in the contents of these works of art, there are tours of literary, religious, historical, art historical and other subjects.

Det Kongelige Bibliotek , DK

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Mit Sammlungen von Onlinebüchern.

The Royal Library in Copenhagen has started to publish selected parts of its collections on the Internet. Within the framework of this initiative, the Manuscript Department now publishes complete digital facsimile editions of manuscripts.

Digital facsimile editions cannot replace the original manuscripts in all respects. Neither can printed facsimile editions. However, in respect to cost, access and preservation, digital facsimile publishing offers significant advantages: digital publishing can be done without high expenses, and the manuscripts can be studied worldwide and for many purposes, without any manual handling of the fragile original material.

All images are copyrighted, but may be printed or downloaded for personal, scientific or educational purposes. Please send comments to: The Manuscript Department, The Royal Library, P. O. Box 2149, 1016 Copenhagen K, DK. E-mail:

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